As many people do, we grew weary of the road after 2 years of traveling. Some stays were longer than others and some stops made us feel more anxious than anything. During our nomadic turn we saw some 23 states and were able to enjoy a number of sites including the Weeki Wachee Springs (and mermaids!), the Chattanooga Choo-Choo, our nation’s Capitol, the Rocky Mountains, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Cadillac Ranch, the largest watercolor painting in America, and much more! Our daughter was growing up a student of the world but we soon started feeling as if something were missing.

Remembering how we felt those days we lived in a converted wood shed and were building our tiny house, we longed for our own gardens again. We wanted to raise a few animals again. We wanted to see family more and have them be a larger part of our daughters life. And for what it is worth, we wanted a better Internet signal where our income didn’t depend on data plans and cell signals.

To our amazement and excitement we received an email from a real estate friend with a link to a newly listed property that just felt right. We made an offer and set purchasing wheels in motion before ever seeing it in person. We knew it was where God wanted us now.


We’ve been here since October 2015 and done a number of improvements to both the land and the house. We haven’t lost our tiny mindset though. If anything, it is stronger than ever. We still live as sustainably as possible being mindful of our personal debt, our energy consumption, our space consumption, our attitude of need -vs- want.

860 sq.ft. is not the smallest house in the world but it is perfect for our family of 3 and that is the adventure we are on now.

Stay tuned to find out where this one will take us and how we will continue to be a r(E)volutionary family….
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