Our two years living in our custom designed and personally built tiny house on wheels was magical for us. Our daughter breezed through infancy in it, became a toddler, and started talking, amongst other things. We celebrated Christmases, Thanksgivings, wedding anniversaries, and more. We hosted a few dinner parties, several BBQ’s, and even a surprise 40th birthday party. Mostly we learned that the tiny life was about so much more than square feet. It was about an approach to life; an undefined ethos.


Life and our adventure continued though and we felt the traveling bug biting hard. Work allowed us to be location independent and the timing seemed perfect. By February 2014 we were negotiating the purchase of a 28′ Aruba travel trailer. We sold our tiny house on wheels and moved into our new tiny house (version 2.0, if you will) to live on the road as a full-time nomadic family.

Again people misunderstood us and we reveled in the adventure of it all. Even though we were no longer in a more “traditional” tiny house on wheels we were growing in our understanding of small living and investing in life rather than square feet!




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