In 2009 we were facing a transitional time in our married life. I was working full-time at a seemingly dead end job, making an hourly rate that was not nearly enough to sustain us as relative newlyweds. Yet we felt this strong desire to follow the “American Dream” and pursue all the trappings we were told were right for our situation; a starter house, 2 cars, some picket fencing, a dog, etc. In our hearts though we knew it wasn’t right.

The House 1

We met in 2004. We were both missionaries serving domestically. While it wasn’t instant romance there was a kinship there that was established only to return again later in life. We were both living out of 3,000 cubic inch backpacks and finding life quite enjoyable. The next few years though found us both settling into more traditional lives that never quite felt good. Fast forward through love, marriage, etc.

During our house search that fateful year we came across Tiny House Blog and the world of tiny houses. We had been really enamored by treehouses, RVs, house boats, cabins, yurts, long-term hostels, etc. We could feel that we were supposed to be moving back towards simplicity but we weren’t sure how. Without much fanfare though we both discovered a little tiny house being built by a couple of young newlyweds and we decided pretty quickly that that was what we wanted. We jumped head first into building our tiny house on wheels.

By late 2010 we had started our build and were enjoying every second of the creation process. People were less than enthusiastic and we were extremely misunderstood. At this time only about 4 or 5 tiny house blogs existed, there was no HGTV show, and Jay Shafer was just another daytime guest on Oprah Winfrey. We weren’t discourage though and by 2011 our home was finishing up and we were preparing to move in.


Taking our new home from its build site in middle Georgia to its home in eastern North Carolina.



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