It took us nearly 14 months to finish the exterior and most of the interior of our 240 sq.ft., single-level, tiny house. Along the way we picked up a number of skills that we have committed to an ongoing series of How-To’s. Please do click through to read about our experience from start to….well, where we are even now!

How-To live in a Tiny House

How-To sandblast a trailer

How-To determine trailer weight for your Tiny House

How-To choose windows for your Tiny House

How-To stock a minimalist kitchen

How-To find and use reclaimed materials in your Tiny House

How-To decorate your Tiny House

How-To anchor down your Tiny House

How-To determine the electric load of your house

How-To plumb a Tiny House

How-To pour a concrete slab

How-To draw up blueprints for your Tiny House

How-To install windows in your Tiny House

How-To install trailer lights for your Tiny House

How-To make your Tiny House safe 

How-To paint your tiny house with eco-friendly paint

How-To install radiant barrier


…and more being added weekly! But as we have continued on our tiny house adventure almost every post has become a How-To. Actually building tends to turn in that direction.

With that said, you may notice that nearly all posts are now How-To’s. If you are looking for a specific post just type “How-To” into the search box and scan the results.

You can also see our How-To series in VIDEO! Just follow this link.