When we first sat down to look at “pretty pictures” of “cute, little houses on wheels” some 7¬†years ago now we never once imagined that such a dynamic community would be formed around our own house. We owe much of that to social media and its ability to foster dialogue ’round the clock! While we have several platforms we encourage everyone to feel just as free to contact us directly. It’s never too early or too late to leave a comment, ask a question, or share a thought. Do so and as soon as I come in from outside, wash my hands, and grab a snack, I will respond as quickly as possible. If not, Crystal will. We promise!

If you want to find us elsewhere though you can:

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  5. Email us with general inquiries

I ask that you also consider the following before sending an email.

  • At this time we do not accept guest posts should they be deemed topical and worthwhile to other r(E)volutionaries.
  • We have written over 600 posts since we created this site. Please use the search bar on the lower right side of the site to research our archives before asking a question.
  • Zoning, code, rules, and regulations are different in every locale. We know very little about the specifics in any region other than our own. If you ask about those topics we will more than likely refer you to Ryan Mitchell’s book Cracking the Code which you can purchase here.
  • All of our material is Uncopyrighted. That includes our original images unless otherwise posted.

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