It has been our experience that putting up LP SmartSide pre-primed panels is vastly easier when at least the first coat of color has been painted on. Not only does it ease your workload once the panels are up but it also makes the build seem that much more efficient because you almost instantly get a feel for what the final product will look like. So we did just that! Starting Sunday afternoon we took to painting the panels, cedar shakes, and soon, the trim, for the Santa Claus Haus.

Our purchase ran right at $42.63 and included two gallons of ColorPlace exterior paint, one clear plastic paint tray, 3 roller heads (3/18″ nap), and 2 economy, straight edge brushes. It wasn’t a large purchase and not particularly exciting. However, it is a very necessary one and really allowed us to see what our digital rendering would look like once constructed.


Most of the house is going to be a very cheery, Christmas red, which we are using Red Geranium (satin finish) for. Our cedar portion and trim are going to be white so we chose to use a generic white in the ‘Barn & Fence Wood Finish’ family.

Truth be told, when we started applying the red it looked more orange than we anticipated. In fact, we even thought we may have selected the wrong color altogether. Once it had really dried overnight though it looked red and really gave us the whimsical Santa’s workshop appearance we were hoping for.


We should be totally done painting by Thursday of this week and completely ready for the framing starting Nov. 4.