The trailer the Santa Claus Haus is being built on is a salvage one. We liberated our original tiny house on wheels from a 1967 Shasta travel trailer. It was a bit of a mess but we proceeded and while saving thousands of dollars, invested dozens of hours. When we finished with our build and moved into our tiny home I said on multiple occasions that we would never again build on a salvaged trailer. Yet here we are.


I have no idea what make/model the trailer is. What I do know is that it was a 5th wheel trailer that had been damaged by a tornado in middle Georgia and sacrificed back to the forest just behind its resting place. When we decided to follow through with the Santa Claus Haus this trailer immediately came to mind. We knew that with a little work, a little weld, and a whole lot of determination, it could be used for the very part-time purposes we had in mind for our micro build.

Once removed from the woods it was taken to a welder who cut off the 5th wheel tongue, added a travel trailer tongue and jack, reinforced the corners and crossbeams, added a few sticks of metal for extra support, and added a couple of corner scissor jacks.


Once we got the *new* trailer back home we set about removing any apparent or surface with a wire brush on a grinder wheel. We then added a heavy coat of automotive primer followed by a coat of semi-gloss black. The LED trailer lights were then added, the electric brakes were wired up and tested, and the wheels were put on.


The completed and restored trailer now sits on the ground. At this point she’ll be getting a VIN assignment from the state of North Carolina and a matching set of license plates. Tomorrow we’ll be putting installing the aluminum flashing, floor framing, floor insulation, and subfloor. At that point she’ll be put under our carport until late October when we have saved more money for the build and are ready to frame it up and dry it in.