We have been a part of the tiny house community and contributors to the ongoing dialogue for just at 7 years now. In the course of that time we have heard conversations come and go. We have also heard some of the same conversations come and go, come back again, and in some cases go away again, and in a few cases, come back again. One of those conversations is the one that starts with the question “Do you have insurance for your tiny house? Have you ever tried to get it?” And while for so long now that answer has been “No. I don’t. No. I haven’t.” Thankfully though that conversation can now be laid to rest.

At the 2015 National Tiny House Jamboree, author, speaker, business strategist, business owner, and insurance agent, Martin Burlingame personally met with and listened to builders, marketing companies, bloggers, and tiny homeowners about the concern insurance had quickly become. Through these conversation he realized that insurance was literally holding the modern tiny house movement from progressing. Armed with a passion for tiny houses, a desire to see American communities reinvent themselves, and an actual love of his industry, he immediately began working with six different insurance agencies to help find a solution for those who have chose the tiny life.

Now certified in more than 40 states to issue tiny house insurance policies, Martin and his company Strategic Insurance Agency, a unit of Martin Burlingame Insurance Agency, Inc., are literally redefining the one-time, insurmountable issue of tiny house insurance. It isn’t just traditional (or what is considered “traditional”) THOWs though. Martin has recently found policies for a tractor trailer conversion, office models, a wood stove company (found primarily in tiny houses and RV conversions), and as of today, Tiny Home Associations. Associations are locations where more than a few tiny houses are in one centralized area with common areas, infrastructure systems, etc.

Ladies and gentlemen of the tiny house community, you can now get tiny house insurance through TinyHome.insure!

Martin and his team will help you in finding a policy for your single, double or triple axle tiny house, travel trailer or RV, refrigerator trailer, sheep wagon, etc. – whether it is a DIY or an industry built unit.