In 2013 we were perusing an outdoor supply store when a simple “beach ball” caught my attention. Of course I know now it was no beach ball. But when you see something just about palm sized that has an inflation nozzle and is made of vinyl plastic, your mind kind of thinks it is a beach ball. I remember asking myself “Why does this store carry beach balls?” I had to pick it up for further…er, um, inspection. Turns out it was indeed no beach ball. On top of the deflated gizmo was a small solar panel. I couldn’t help myself. I had to inflate it. I sort of turned my back, put my lips to the nozzle (I never stopped long enough to wonder if anyone else had done this as well), and inflated it. As the beach ball came to life it took the shape of a small, cantaloupe-size, light. Turns out the solar panel is what gave it power.

That was my introduction to LUCI inflatable, solar lights, made by MPOWERD Inc.

I didn’t buy one that day but I did go back to our RV and do a little research. What I found out was so cool. MPOWERD is a New York City-based company that creates innovative and clean energy products to fit into everyday life. They have a very simple business model. Make a great product > generate more sales in the developed world > lower manufacturing costs > create more affordable sales in the developing world > provide clean energy (in this case, light) to everyone. In 2012 MPOWERD created Luci®, an inflatable solar light, with the goal of making an affordable clean energy product that people could use in any situation — from outdoor camping adventures to backyard parties to everyday living for people in developing countries without electricity. I ordered three!

From that point forward our Luci’s, like Gremlins, have multiplied. We now have about nine lights and they are everywhere we need them. I keep one on the dash of the truck (substitute for a flashlight that always seems to be dim). We have one in each of our emergency bags. In fact, if we needed to grab our bags and go we have a carabiner on the outside of each bag to clip our Luci to so it can charge while we flee. We have two in our camping gear box. My daughter has one that she uses for “dance parties,” and we have two that we use when walking outside or grilling out or just when we need a light on the back deck. They are extremely handy and don’t require much time in the sun to fully charge.

I could talk about these lights all day. I love them that much. Instead, we want you to talk about them. That is why we have partnered with MPOWERD to give away three (3) LUCI COLOR inflatable, solar lights. You can enter below and there are multiple chances to win throughout the week. You’ll want to stop back by each day or visit the ‘Giveaway’ tab on our Facebook page, for another chance to win. The contest only runs through Sunday at midnight though so be sure to enter now!

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