Wednesday, I wrote about a relatively new author in the modern tiny house movement and her book Dream Big, Live Small: A Guide For Downsizing and Intentional Living (or How Not To Panic in 200 Square Feet). I talked to her just after the post went live and asked if I could interview her to give r(E)volutionaries a bit more insight to the Tiny House Teacher. She agreed and I let the questions roll…

Andrew Odom:  Do you currently live in a tiny house? If so, what kind? Did you build or buy?

Lora Higgins:  I currently live full-time in my tiny house with my pup, Rocket.  I moved in almost 2 years ago, and I couldn’t be happier about the lifestyle.  I ended up purchasing my tiny house from Tumbleweed Tiny Homes because I did not have the skill or time to build my own.  I purchased one of their Cypress 24′ models and have been super happy with my home.

AO: You call yourself the Tiny House Teacher. When did that come about? How?

LH:  When I was downsizing, there wasn’t much written about what it was actually like to live in a tiny house.  I found tons of blogs about how to build a house, but not much on what it was like to live in one.  So when I decided to go tiny, I stared a blog to share my experiences with my family and friends.  

That eventually turned into an idea of helping others decide if this lifestyle is right for them.  I have a background in teaching, so I was drawn to the idea of “teaching” others and helping people make the transition from “normal” homes to tiny homes.  That is how Tiny House Teacher was born.  I have been speaking and teaching about tiny houses and intentional living since April of 2015.

AO:  You call yourself the Tiny House Teacher. When did that come about? How?

LH:  I get lots of questions about what I actually do as a tiny house teacher.  First, no, I don’t home school kids in my tiny house (the most common misconception about what I do!).  I blog about what it is like to actually live in a tiny house.  I try and offer tips and advice about how to move forward with a tiny house life.  I also offer e-courses designed around intentional living and downsizing.

AO:  And now you’re an author? Tell us a bit about the book.

LH:  When I got started, I wrote a book called Dream Big, Live Small.  It was intended for anyone interested in downsizing and deciding what they want to do with their life and where they should live.  It was sort of a tiny house 101 discussion.  I obviously talk a lot about my downsizing journey and help other people decide if this lifestyle is right for them.  I challenge people to really look at where they want to go and then try and help them go through the practical steps to get there.

AO:  In your book you emphasize using a journal while reading. Do you journal? How can journaling help a tiny houser?

LH:  I challenge people to journal throughout the book because I believe writing things down makes us slow down enough to think through what we really want.  I also think journaling helps us capture where we are, where we have been and where we want to go.  It is a great tool to help move forward in life.

I love looking back at my journal from when I first read about tiny houses, I thought they were crazy!  I also love looking back over my entries and seeing the transformation and growth that has taken place.  

AO:  What can readers expect from your book?

LH:  I think readers can expect to learn a little more about tiny houses and a lot more about themselves and what people and things have value in their lives.

AO:  Is the book only available on Kindle or can I read it on other devices?

LH:  Right now I am selling my book exclusively on Amazon, but if the demand grows, I may consider selling a downloadable PDF version in the future.  The Kindle app works well for iPad/iPhone lovers. 

AO:  What next from the Tiny House Teacher?

LH:  I am still uncovering what other people want and need when it comes to tiny house education.  I really want to be a great source for practical and realistic advice for those interested in intentional living and downsizing. More importantly, I am currently working on Tiny House University – a fully, online, “school” for the modern tiny house movement. It will debut early next year. More on that later though!

You can find Lora on Facebook and follow her adventures on Instagram. REMEMBER: You can win a copy of her latest book on our Facebook page. Contest ends in 48 hours!