How does one welcome himself back? Kind of an awkward thing. But, at the risk of being awkward…welcome back Drew. It’s been a long time. What have you been doing?

Truth is, I’ve been doing a lot.

About a year ago I woke up and felt like Tiny r(E)volution had run its course. We had posted some 496 entries and talked about just about everything we could expound on regarding a tiny house on wheels, an RV life, etc. Come to find out, there was more inside us though. We just had to take some time to step back, refresh ourselves, transition into a new adventure, and find our voice(s) again. So now, a full year later, we are back.

Today finds us living in a small house (860 sq.ft) in eastern North Carolina. We are on a foundation and have fallen back into a lovely homesteading situation. We have a good sized garden. We raise chickens. We adopted a dog. Heck, we even have a lawn tractor and a barn to store it in! Life is good. Each morning I get to work while staring out a window that faces about 4 acres of potential farmland. Our now 4-year old daughter gets to play outside and run barefoot through the grass. Our dog has no fence and it is nothing to see ducks land in the pond next door. And while we may live in version 3.0 of Tiny r(E)volution – a version that has a cinderblock foundation – we are still very “tiny minded” spending even more time focusing on sustainable life, neo-homesteading, DIY projects, and more. So that is why we are back.

We have always tried to talk about where we are in life and how it is part of a tiny lifestyle that is so much more than square feet. We try to address a tiny lifestyle that is about the social, mental, academic, spiritual, and emotional aspects of a downsized existence. Please get ready for more videos, more emotionally invested articles, more DIY tutorials, more interviews, more giveaways, and more r(E)volution!

Welcome back.