We did a review of the MPOWERD Solar Lights for Tiny House Blog a while back and they are pretty darned amazing. (see video post here) In fact, I chose to do the video review because I had been using 4 Luci Lights already and just felt like others could benefit from their size, weight, and price point. Just the other day I heard from MPOWERD (the makers of Luci Lights) regarding a special summer sale they are having. So naturally I wanted to pass that information along as well!


MPOWERD makes a line of inflatable, solar lights called Luci that have recently gained some real traction in the Tiny House and RV communities. We like to think it is primarily because of us but the more we find out the more we realize the lights have been a well, well-kept secret for a while now. MPOWERD itself is a small company (20 people) that started out as primarily a relief organization, working with NGOs and charities to distribute affordable, reliable lighting to the 3 billion people still living in energy poverty (they actually just donated 2000 lights to Nepal) but quickly realized that their lights had many applications for folks living in the US and elsewhere.

Luci 2

The waterproof, shatterproof, super lightweight and collapsible lights float and are submersible up to a meter underwater, and recently MPOWERD expanded to carry lights great for outdoor adventures, home decor, emergency roadside assistance and even a color-changing party light (my daughter adores this particular light!) Basically, you charge it in the sun for about 7 hours or so, and, depending on the model and mode you have the light on, get anywhere from 6 to 12 hours of light! Better yet, the lights itself are estimated to last 7 years or more! The company uses the money earned from high volume retail sales in places like the US to drive down their costs (currently just $9.99 for an original Luci) to provide those in need with an environmentally and economically sustainable and grid-independent alternative to dangerous fuels like kerosene and firewood.

The Summer sale is from June 4 to June 8. So starting today. Here is the sales link.