On June 19 I’ll be flying to Dayton, Ohio to give a weekends worth of presentations on tiny house living and – more specifically – the history of little digs. As part of the Dayton (Miami Valley) Homearama event the Tiny House Jamboree is hosting a “Dayton Mini Jam.” That is who invited me and who I am pleased to be working with. The Homearama itself though is going to be very special this year in that this year’s event will feature a number of communities and homes to suit any budget.
These homes have never been seen by the public previously and many homes are already sold, so this is the public’s only chance to view the interior spaces. The Homearama Touring Edition will allow prospective home owners to experience the craftsmanship of local home builders and show that there truly is something for every lifestyle including the tiny home lifestyle!

The truly exciting part of the event though is, in fact, the Dayton Mini Jam which is a bit of a precursor to the Tiny House Jamboree. To have a tiny house event of this size partnering with a much larger event for a truly great regional event is just awesome. And the fact that Tiny r(E)volution will be representing so many other like-minded tiny housers is such an honor.

The tiny house event exhibit will be situated on the former historic Hook Estate. I will be joined by Robin Hayes, Craig McHugh, Rose Sapriandi, Trevor Gay, and Nathan Bevil, speaking throughout the weekend about the ins and outs of living small. The 1929 Hook Estate’s 12,000 square foot mansion will also be conducting  a live demonstration and tour with home preservation seminars and vendors. The entire event is family friendly and will allow attendees to experience, first-hand, Tiny House and historic living.

Would you like to attend?

Show Dates & Times:
June 19, 2015: 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM
June 20, 2015: 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM
June 21, 2015: 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Hook Estate
1231 Hook Estate Drive
Dayton, Ohio 45405

The event is proudly supported and produced by a dedicated partnership between:

  1. The Home Builders Association of Dayton (producers of Homearama)
  2. The Tiny House Jamboree of Colorado Springs, CO.
  3. Red Oak Productions presenting the Ohio Old House Fair at the historic Hook Estate.
  4. The City of Dayton, Ohio

Homearama Ticket – Additional Purchase locations: Local Kroger locations, at the 16 Official Homearama Homes. Purchase Price: Ages 5 and older; Cash or credit card; $14 at the doors of the 16 Official Homearama Homes, $12 online and App, $12 at Kroger, $8 inside the Dayton Dwell event at the Hook Estate June 19-21. Tickets are good for the entire Homearama Homes (each house once, two houses of the ticket holder’s choice twice), the Dayton Dwell event including Old House Fair and the Tiny House Jamboree.

Dayton Dwell (including the Old House Fair and the Tiny House Jamboree) Ticket – Purchase location: the gate of the Hook Estate. Purchase Price: Cash or credit cards; $10 per person. Tickets are good June 19-21 for events at the Hook Estate only (does not include Homearama admission).

Tiny House Jamboree Ticket – Purchase location: the gate of the Hook Estate. Purchase price: included with the Dayton Dwell event ($10). Tickets are good June 19-21 for events at the Hook Estate only (does not include Homearama admission).

June 18 Housing Industry Pre-Event Celebration Ticket – [Event details coming soon!] Purchase at the door of the event for $35. Includes access to the Dayton Dwell event site and houses, entertainment, tickets to purchase food at food trucks, craft beer and wine plus one Homearama ticket.

Ticket Contact Info:
Phone: 937-298-2900 ext 1
Fax: 937-298-4226
Email: info@hbadayton.com
Hook Estate, Dayton, Ohio.

Sponsored By:
Eco Cabins