Since the beginning of Tiny r(E)volution and this web community we have covered a number of subject and extension interests ranging from the obvious (sourcing materials to building a tiny house) to the shameless (think: self-promotion) to the agricultural (remember when we raised hogs?) to now, natural healthcare. And with each topic we cover we ask ourselves a few questions:

  • Is it relevant to the tiny house community?
  • Is it something we truly believe in?
  • If on a mountaintop would be screaming it for the world to hear?
  • Are we willing to lose followers because of this topic?

If we answer yes to all of the above then we go for it. After all, the tiny house lifestyle is a number of things far beyond just the walls of a small structure.



For me it began about two years ago with an sobbing infant and an impending ear infection.  I contacted my friend Nina who I new had been really studying up on home remedies and essential oils and the like. In fact, just days before she had talked about sending me a doTERRA Family Physician kit. She recommended to me to try Malaleuca, Purify, and Lavender.


It sounded simple enough and within minutes the oil was penetrating the ear and the tears slowly dried up. Comfort came across her face and within twenty minutes or so she was asleep for the night.

I was overwhelmed with disbelief and great satisfaction!

From that night on I was in love with doTERRA oils; the smells, the feeling, the comfort. I welcomed the Family Physician Kit into our house and since then we haven’t looked back.

One drop of oil and it seemed that within minutes there was relief and healing. I knew the oils worked and furthermore I knew doTERRA was the real deal. Within just a few months I had crunched some numbers and realized that our little family of three was spending less on healthcare than the average ONE AMERICAN CITIZEN, I knew I had to find a way to share these oils with other men, other women, and, most importantly, other families!



We talk about it over and over and over. Living in a tiny house means being aware of how you use your space. So what does your medicine cabinet look like these days? Do you have multiple shelves? What about a small closet or even a cabinet or two (or like we used to…a couple of plastic shoe storage boxes)? Are they filled with slickly-packaged, over-the-counter meds and scrips? If so, now is the time to rethink if for nothing more than to claim your precious space back. Through our doTERRA consultation we’re going to talk about clean, organic, simple, healthcare that will replace your questionable bottles and maximize your monetary investments in such.


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One of the primary selling points of the tiny house lifestyle is the notion of intentional living. Does the traditional sticks ‘n bricks life ever make you feel like you are being pulled in too many different directions at too many inconvenient times? Are stretched thin and this close to snapping in two? Is that manufactured urgency stealing your time and pushing aside what you really value in life?

Our world is full of distractions and our homes are no different. We have the buzz of the dryer when its finished. We have meals to prepare for our families. We have meetings and deadlines at the office. We have a multitude of random noises when our smart phone receives a TXT, email, or Facebook notification. At some point the urgent starts to become the normal and our intentional lifestyle is more like a “when we can” lifestyle. All of these things give us stress and cause us headaches. The headaches make us tired and irritable. The irritability make our stomachs hurt and our digestive tracts fall off. It is a vicious game of dominoes. But we can stop all of that now.

Through intentional choices including preventative healthcare we can eliminate the headaches, the lost sleep, the stress and head pressure, etc. We can take control of our life again and get our tiny house life back on track and we can do it together. But first we need to learn together. We need to express our concerns and find out how we can combat them.


I invite you all to join us in the launching of Tiny r(E)volutionOILS. Please take a minute – if you are even the least bit interested – and click on the subscribe button above. Let’s add an element of purpose to our tiny house community!