Since our initial tiny house build in 2010 it seems trailers for tiny houses have become so much more advanced than the reclaimed Shasta travel trailer frame we plucked from Craigslist for a mere $600. With reinforced rail framing, electronic braking systems, powder coat paint jobs, and properly ratio’d axles, today’s THOW can finally have the foundation it deserves and one of the leaders of that burgeoning industry is MFG Direct Custom Tiny House Trailers run by Joshua and Shelley Engberg.


Joshua and Shelley are perhaps best known for their tiny house – the Entertaining Abode – as it was featured on FYI’s Tiny House Nation Season 2 Episode 5. At 224 sq.ft. the Entertaining Abode is a beautiful design with ample room, a clever loft storage system, a generous kitchen space, and a sliding glass, service bar. In addition the two have been both guest and featured contributors for Tiny House Magazine since October 2014.

Sourcing a trailer can, in my opinion, be the make or break part of a successful tiny house build. There are essentially three options to choose from:

  1. Buying used and restoring/adapting it to your needs.
  2. Buying new and off the lot and once again adapting it to your needs.
  3. Ordering a custom trailer.

The last option as Joshua puts it, “may seem like it’s the most expensive option but doesn’t have to be. One advantage of ordering a custom trailer is you can get exactly what you want and leave off options that you won’t need for a tiny house like stake pockets, loading ramps, side walls etc.”

In addition, you can select your axle (drop or regular) Flush Crossmembers, 10ft wide decks, and much more. Because Joshua and Shelley had such success with designing their own trailer frame of their tiny house trailer they felt like it was an experience that all tiny housers should experience. That is why in late 2014 they became manufacturing reps for 6 different nationwide manufacturers building their custom-designed tiny house trailer frames. The couple can now help those planning to build at every design step and do so from a tiny house designer/builder/dweller point-of-view. It truly is an exciting proposition!

Straight Ahead2

The Engbergs represent trailers from 10 ft. to 50 ft., Drop Deck To Deck Over, and Bumper Pull To Gooseneck, all tailored specifically for your tiny house.

Says Joshua, “The beauty of the tiny house community is the variety in designs of tiny houses. Our trailers can be built to cater to those needs. We don’t represent one size fits all trailers. We customize every trailer to the needs of our customer as it has been for over 25 years. Since the trailers are factory direct we don’t have the overhead of a trailer dealer so those cost savings are passed along to the buyers. We strive to simplify the process of going tiny for everyone! We also offer help and guidance through out the whole process of a THOW build.”

Tiny House Trailers start at $2999 and go up from there. Trailers can be built up to 28,000lbs GVWR (Quad Axles)

For more information call 925-322-0541 directly or email the Engberg’s at You can also check them out on Instagram, on Twitter, or on Facebook.or even buy their best selling book Tiny House Basics, Living the Good Life in Small Space.

NOTE: We receive no monetary compensation for the promotion of this company and/or product.