Perhaps you recently saw my YouTube video on the Luci Lights I recently discovered. It quickly became a popular video and was viewed by members of the tiny house community, the RV community, the hiking community, and a number of folks in between. Since then I have had the good fortune of meeting the folks responsible for bringing Luci lights to the marketplace and I have found the company to be a whole lot more than just talk. 


MPOWERD™ is a socially-conscious business and has an admirable impact globally by providing communities that are energy poor/off the grid with adequate lighting in addition to offering people like me and you with intense little solar lamps. Recently the company talked about energy poverty and the staggering number of people who still live without reliable access to electricity. In fact, 8x as many people do so than there are people in the entire United States of America (read: 316.1 million people). 

In honor of their commitment to solar energy, reliable and adequate lighting to the world as well as Tiny r(E)volutions commitment to making sure everyone has the opportunity to live their own fulfilling life we are giving away to one lucky winner (US residents only) a Luci® Lux solar lamp and a Luci® Aura solar lamp (a prize package worth $45) – shipping and handling included. 

To enter you need only complete the form below: