It can be a cruel, cruel joke that the sun plays on a tiny houser. We stare up at the big, blazing, ball in the sky and remember all the conversations we’ve had, the Instagram photos we’ve seen, the Facebook threads we’ve read, and we recognize it as a steady source of renewable energy. Newly inspired we jump online looking for graphs and explanations, diagrams and photos of clever engineering and mechanics. We hunt for better understanding, for translation, and for some idea of actual implementation so that we too can live free of the big, bad grid. But it escapes us. Something about it just doesn’t click and we stare at the electrical outlet surging with life juice and we slowly come to grips with our reality. We are tied to the grid because the power of solar energy still perplexes us.

EMPOWERD2Truth is I use the word “WE” to hide my own insecurities. Two years ago it was all I could do to purchase a small kit from Harbor Freight, hook it to my 4-wheeler battery, and get it to turn on a simple task lamp. I was dumbfounded; gobsmacked even. Unfortunately, times have not changed and my family still relies almost entirely on the grid. We make do though with the help of some very clever products and resources that work without being part of a larger system. One of those is our current lighting discovery: MPOWERD Luci solar lamps.


Perhaps what I think is most admirable about Luci is that its mother company MPOWERD “aspires to empower people everywhere with innovative and affordable personal clean energy products. Inspired by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti that left millions without power, MPOWERD was founded by a group of like-minded individuals in 2012 who wanted to ‘do good by doing well’.” Not only do they sell a very affordable, efficient, and clever product, but they do so with a conscious and a desire to provide clean energy products and solutions for people living and playing on and off the grid.

I invite you to spend the next 4 minutes watching this short video on the ease and effectiveness of Luci solar lamps. To play you can either hover over the video image and click on the red, centrally located, standard YouTube play button -OR- you can just click this link.

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