End of year lists have never been our thing here at Tiny r(E)volution. So many amazing things can happen in a year (and some not so amazing) that it is hard to create just one comprehensive list. However, by creating such a list it becomes easier to set goals for the next year, correct mistakes for the next year, and remember all that we have to be thankful for over the past year. So without further ado here are the Top 5 Tiny House Moments of 2014:

2014 review

5.  The OM Village is unveiled in Madison, WIS. On Nov. 15, 2014, the Wisconsin-based activist group Occupy Madison, Inc. completed construction on three finished houses for homeless residents in the community. The OM Build initiative focuses on providing stable shelter for those living in extreme poverty.

4.  The Big Tiny: A Built-It-Myself-Memoir by Dee Williams hits bookstores everywhere (and finds a home on 3 Amazon Top 50 lists). “Part how-to, part personal memoir, The Big Tiny is an utterly seductive meditation on the benefits of slowing down, scaling back, and appreciating the truly important things in life.”

3.  Tiny House Magazine celebrates 2 years of publication. With its December 2014 issue the world’s only magazine for tiny house, small house, and unconventional house advocates, created and published by Kent Griswold of Tiny House Blog, THM celebrates two years of publication. Having featured some of the most beautiful tiny houses in the nation on its cover and regularly featuring articles by such voices as Tammy Strobel, Logan Smith, Gabriella Morrison, Andrew Odom, Malissa Tack, BA Norrgard, and a slew of others, the ePub has given presence to the tiny house community – with great aplomb – in an otherwise traditional media format!

2.  EcoCabins partners with hOMe to market first pre-fab tiny house on wheels. Towards the latter part of Andrew and Gabriella Morrison of Tiny House Build (creators of the hOMe) were in Colorado Springs for Andrew’s TEDx talk. They were invited to a meeting with Darin Zaruba, President and CEO of Eco Cabins. The meeting went well suffice to say and before the day was done a partnership had been created between the two companies to begin offering the world’s first shop-built tiny house!

1. DWELL magazine dedicates an issue to small house design. On August 28 magazine shelves nationwide filled up with the September 2014 issue of DWELL magazine, arguably the nation’s most prolific architectural and home living magazine. With the bold title of ‘Small Space Big Design’ the pages within featured clever living solutions for homes under 1,000 feet. But what was truly notable was that the issue also featured an article on Macy Miller who together with her partner, daughter, and Great Dane, live in just 196 square feet on a gooseneck trailer. So says the article, “A 196-square-foot house born of architectural know-how, an enterprising spirit, and just over $11,000 has become an inspiration to a growing community of tiny-house enthusiasts.” And with a huge presence online and in the social media realm Miller, too, has become an inspiration. Great year Macy!

No doubt there have been scores of other achievement – both big and small – in the tiny house community. Just off hand 2014 saw Sicily Kolbeck speak at two Ted Talk events and showcase her tiny house at the White House, Ryan Mitchell and The Tiny Life host the nations first Tiny House Conference, Tiny House Nation, Tiny House Builders, and Tiny House Hunters take to the TV airwaves, Facebook welcome the 400th tiny house themed page, the movie TINY be released on DVD, iTunes, Netflix, and Vimeo, and the popular r(E)vo Convo podcast go live with its 60th podcast episode. This list is a personal one representing what we at Tiny r(E)volution truly defined the year in the tiny house community. 

What was your TOP TINY HOUSE MOMENT of 2014?