While much of the Southeast is still experiencing temperatures in the 70s and even 80s it is hard to realize that winter is just around the corner. However, if the Old Farmer’s Almanac is to be believed it may very well be a “super-cold” winter. Hearing that prediction the penny pincher in us all is concerned that just trying to stay warm may break the bank for many. But after giving it some thought we feel these 10 tips may help you save money and save the warm air.

Snowy Cabin

Layer Up. Core is not important in just yoga and Crossfit. It is important to keep this area on your body warm so as to keep the rest of your body warm. Put up the shorts and set the tshirts aside and look instead for thermal underwear and wool socks.

Keep Your Oven Door Open. Living in a tiny house we learned that cooking in our oven was the same as turning a space heater on. So during the winter consider leaving the oven door open after you’re done cooking. Let the heat escape and fill the home.

Have Another Cup. Even if you aren’t a java junkie or a tea connoisseur having a warm mug of cider, coffee, or tea, will help keep your core warm from the inside out.

Let The Sun Shine In. During the day when the sun is out open up your shades or blinds. Take advantage of what solar heating you can. By letting the sun shine in you can capture some heat for those early evening hours.

Stay Active. If you are at home and feel yourself getting cold just do a little physical exercise. Walk a lap or two around the house, do some situps, or maybe try jumping jacks. Not only will you burn a few, quick calories but you will get the blood flowing and the heat surging.

Roll Out The Carpet. If you have bare floors you can lose some heat through the floor boards. Consider rolling out area rugs or even putting blankets on the floor to insulate those very floors.

Wring Out Your Towel. Take your towels off the shelf, roll them up, and put them at the bottom of your door to keep out draft.

Make A Heat Wrap. Probably one of the most instant ways to break the chill that seems to hover your head during the winter is to make a warm wrap. Take some dry beans, put them in a sock, tie a knot in the sock so no beans fall out, put the sock in the microwave (you determine a safe amount of time), and then pull it out and lay it on your neck or shoulders.

Make A Nest. Instead of using Egyptian Cotton sheets and a spread on your bed during the cold months change out your bedding. Invest in t-shirt or flannel sheets and use a feather down comforter.

Put ‘Em On Your Lap. I can’t suggest this enough. Lap blanket. Lap blanket. Lap blanket. If you are just sitting and reading or watching a movie or contemplating, put a small afghan or lap blanket on to capture the natural insulation and heat.

Wear Slippers. I can’t say enough about a good pair of slippers. I prefer a pair that has some sort of sole on them so they can be worn around the house, on to the porch, etc. If they are fur lined, all the better. They will keep your feet warm without suffocating them like socks tend to do.