The first tiny house workshop Tiny r(E)volution had the pleasure of being a part of was in Wilmington, NC back in 2012. It was a great event and I met a number of people I had admired online for some time including Deek D, Steven Harrell, Kent Griswold, Ryan Mitchell, and even Laura LaVoie (who would later become my partner-in-crime and co-host of the r(E)vo Convo). It is hard to believe it has been two long years since then and even harder to believe that I haven’t participated in a workshop or build weekend in almost 8 months. That is about to change though.

NC NEWER flyer 2014

Hosted by Deek Diedricksen the weekend workshop in Carolina Beach, NC is a great opportunity for an exclusive number of participants to learn techniques, tool usage, and design principals by working with other attendees to collectively construct a 12′ long cabin on a lot near the beach; one that will have a wood stove in the end run, and which will incorporate a good deal of salvaged material in the build. Alongside the cabin, we’ll build a small deck, pallet chairs, a workbench, and much more! Its going to be a lot of fun indeed!

“North Carolina is a perfect spot to host a workshop, and the reason we’re coming back. That state is a hotbed of progressive living/construction ideas, an epicenter for the tiny house movement, and just gorgeous! Better yet, this time, we’re RIGHT near the beach, with another fully-hands-on curriculum. On top of that, with Steven Harrell, Andrew Odom, Dustin Diedricksen, Jim Shippey, Palo Coleman, Marty Skrelunas, and more as guest builders and speakers, this tiny house workshop is going to LOADED with new and creative ideas and techniques that people will get to take home with them. The ratio for this two day, twenty hour build is one instructor for every four attendees- something you won’t ever see elsewhere, and this will ensure that the people that join us get A LOT of individual instruction and attention. “

~Deek Diedricksen

As mentioned, other speakers and build instructors include Steven Harrell, Dustin Diedricksen, Palo Coleman, Jim Shippey, Roy St. Clair, and more!

To register today for one of the limited spots CLICK HERE.