I have been to countless workshops. I have seen YouTube videos. I have read blog posts. I have read books. I have even had coffee with some of the biggest names in the tiny house community. And just when I thought I had seen it all, seen every possible way to explain the building process to folks along comes the How-To Guide To Building A Tiny House DVD set by Andrew and Gabriella Morrison of Tiny House Build.

How incredible. A 4-DVD set with a collective running time of 6:18:55 that covers thirty-seven topics including trailer prep, wall framing, utilities layout, loft installation, waste line installation, venting considerations, and more! And at just $59.97 how can you possibly ask for more? Take a look at this clip on installing siding.(NOTE: running time is 41 min and 39 sec):

Solid, right? By purchasing and watching this video series you can

  • Do it yourself and save tens of thousands of dollars on your own build
  • Learn step by step, detailed instruction in over 6 hours of video appropriate for the totally novice builder as well as the pro
  • Learn from a master builder that has personally taught over 1,200 workshop participants how to build their own homes
  • Watch the production from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule
  • And more!

You can purchase the DVD set now by visiting their home on the web.

I was able to catch up with the Morrison’s earlier this week to talk to them a bit about their hOMe and the DVD series.

Tiny r(E)volution: Your hOMe has gotten a lot of press and attention. Does it bother you at all to go public with it? Don’t you want to “hold it close” and not let it go?

Andrew and Gabriella: Actually, we have the exact opposite reaction. Designing and building hOMe was truly a labor of love and when it was completed, we felt like it was our new baby. Like proud parents, we love sharing it with others. There are so many amazing people from all over the world that are realizing that a better way of life exists and are taking empowered steps towards creating a major downsizing change. Sharing our story has brought us in contact with them and for that we couldn’t be happier!

Tr: What was your original inspiration for hOMe?

A and G: From the very beginning, we have adhered to our conviction that tiny house living does NOT need to mean lifestyle compromises. Before we began the design process, we created a list of ‘must haves’ for our tiny house to feel like a home. These included a full sized kitchen with full appliances, comfortable stairs to the master loft, space for a home office for two, a guest room, copious amounts of storage, furniture that doubled as storage, a practical bathroom, and a clean modern look.

Tr: What one tip can you give potential buyers about building their own hOMe?

A and G: Gather as much information as possible before you begin your build! There is a plethora of resources out there for tiny house construction and living so all one has to do is take the time to watch/read through all the information. That being said, don’t get so hung up on learning literally every single thing that you never start! At some point, you’ve got to take a deep breath, put on your tool belt and get started with creating your dream life.

And gathering information and learning is what this special DVD set is all about. To show their love for the r(E)volutionaries Andrew and Gabriella are extending a very special 25% off the purchase of the DVD set by using the coupon code revolution at checkout! Offer is good only until June 9. That means for just over a week you can purchase your own How-To Guide To Building A Tiny House DVD set for just $44.97.