Let’s be honest: many of us have attended our fair share of bad workshops. Many of us have taken one too many courses or electronic courses. A number of us have read too many book. Too many times, too many tiny house dreamers spend too many hours sitting and listening to ideas they know they’ll never be able to implement — or worse yet, things they’ve already conquered and are no longer in need of knowing. That is what we try to combat though.  We know that time is your most precious resource and finances are a close second. That is why we try very hard not to waste either. Every idea presented Tiny r(E)volution is something we personally have tried, failed with, conquered over, dreamt about, used, taken, read, experienced, etc.  If we haven’t used it, and it hasn’t worked, we don’t present it. It’s just that simple.

This past week alone I have seen no less than three advertisements for online courses revolving around tiny houses. I have seen 6 or 7 books on the market (and doing well, might I add) and heard of 2 or 3 more coming out in the last few months. I have talked with people hosting live workshops and sponsoring DIY “get your hands dirty” events. They all sound awesome and seem to present information that even I could still use. Our tiny house probably won’t be our last build. I am always looking for new ideas to integrate into our lifestyle. So each of the above resources is probably something I could gain from. The problem is I can’t. I don’t have the money or the time to do so. I have to decide which is right for me. I have to decided which one gets my time and my attention. And it is no easy decision. I want to attend Deek’s Tiny House Summer Camp 2 but I’m just not sure I can because it would mean time off from work, money spent to travel there, etc. It just may not be in the plan for me at this time. I also want to take the Tiny House Families eCourse on living a mortgage free life. I simply don’t have the time right now though. Choices. Choices. Choices.

SHBL-Announcement1So why then would I say all that and pitch yet another e-Cours(E)? Well, primarily because it is the one we offer. It is one I speak about first-hand. It is one I stand behind and know the material inside and out. It is one that has an instructor I personally know and believe in. An instructor who:

  • Has been successfully living as a family in a tiny house for over 1 year
  • Has experience not just in building but also in cultivating a community around a tiny house experience
  • Has paid cash-on-the-barrel for our build and talk about that same aspect with others
  • Has lived legally in a tiny house
  • Has a strong ‘mano y mano’ component to our e-Cours(E)
  • Recently spoke at the Tiny House Conference in Charlotte, NC

The course is called Small Home. Big Life. and it is a a four-week, self-guided course is designed to carry a person through the beginning stages of building a tiny house from the dreaming phase to the drying in of a tiny house.  It is even more than that though. Infused with personal experience and anecdote as well as guest interviews/facilitators (Deek Diedricksen, Macy Miller, and Gabriella and Andrew Morrison)  and stories, the month features detailed instructions, creative prompts, and multi-media examples, that serve to inspire and educate.

You can read more about the course here.

But again, it is about choices and as the weather warms up, DIY projects take first priority, and vacation time comes around, I encourage you to move past the dreaming stage regarding your tiny house dream. Take action. Choose training that will help you get past where you are now to where you want to be!


If you have any questions regarding the course, please email me directly at andodom[at]gmail[dot]com.