1921983_618556614891306_493288090_nI can’t remember now how long it has been since I first heard Ryan Mitchell talk about hosting a Tiny House Conference. As long as I can remember it has been a through line to a number of discussions and dialogues. It seems as if it has been in the works for quite some time though. Truth is I guess it has been barely over a year since he put the plan into action. It is certainly no surprise though.

Ryan Mitchell – editor of The Tiny Life – lives in Charlotte, NC and has been a part of the tiny house community in some capacity for right at five years. He launched his website in 2009 and has over the last 18 months or so committed not just to being a tiny house advocate but also a tiny house dweller. Ryan is currently building his own tiny house and documenting the process.

Now that the weekend of the conference is upon is it seem like the tiny house world is taking quite large step forward. Certainly there have been a number of awesome workshops over the years including some excellent ones involving my friends Deek Diedricksen, Ella Jenkins, Steven Harrell, and Dan Louche. There has also been eCourses, eWorkshops, and MeetUps to boot. But nothing has been on this scale though bringing together 12 speakers (including Laura LaVoie, Hari Berzins, Dee Williams, Sicily Kolbeck, and Malissa Tack), 9 tiny house to tour (including La Petite Maison, the Just Right School Bus, John’s House Truck, and even Ryan’s own tiny house), a bloggers panel for Q&A, and even food trucks for those meal breaks where you just don’t want to leave the premises. You can view the entire schedule here including who is speaking on what!

Personally I’m excited to be talking about tiny house living on the grid as I think many time folks get discouraged thinking they have to have their tiny house supported only by solar and well water when the truth is a number of tiny houses are grid tied and run just like a sticks ’n bricks. You can see a few slides of my presentation here. I warn you though. I am no Powerpoint guru so it is sparse. I am also getting a chance to share the stage with Sicily Kolbeck to talk about families and the tiny house. She is going to focus on the role of families during the building while I am going to focus on the family dynamic when living in a tiny house. It truly is going to be cool.

If you haven’t purchased your ticket for this years conference you are unfortunately out of luck as all tickets have been sold. However, based on the interest of this first conference I think it is safe to say the 2015 Tiny House Conference will begin planning and filling by late summer. Keep your eyes open!