If you have spent anytime on the website you have more than likely noticed that we have a growing number of affiliate ad banners on the right hand side. These are all tiny house resources that we not only support but have in some capacity used and/or read ourselves. We stand behind their worth and would not promote them if we felt otherwise. That is why it is with great pleasure that we have added a new (and long-awaited) resource to the mix.

I Love Tiny Houses Shirts Mugs Bags & More

The above image links – when clicked either here or on the sidebar – will take you to an exciting new tiny house resource page.

Created by Kai Rostcheck, I ♥ Tiny Houses is a merchandise shop for I ♥ Tiny Houses shirts, mugs, bags, flags, stickers, and more! With prices starting at just $14.99 for a 15 oz. ceramic coffee mug the products are top quality and are perfect for spreading your advocacy and support of the tiny house community!

I had a chance to speak with Kai over the weekend about his new endeavor.

Tiny r(E)volution: Why is I ♥ Tiny House merchandise a much needed thing?

Kai: The Tiny House Movement includes two distinct groups: thousands of people who are actually building or living in Tiny Houses, and hundreds of thousands of other people who love the idea but aren’t necessarily so committed yet. I wanted to build a bridge…something that brings us all together. I ♥ Tiny Houses merchandise promotes our movement by providing a focal point and an easy way to start conversations like “What is a Tiny House?” and “What do you love about it?” Our colorful logo variants (each product can be ordered with a mountain background, beach background, forest background, or highway background) on clothing, bags and accessories appeal to enthusiasts who are already living the Tiny House lifestyle, and the growing legion of fans who share tiny house values but aren’t quite ready to fully commit. Building or buying might not be realistic for them right now, but most folks can justify spending $30 on something that connects them to the tiny house dream.


You can order your I ♥ Tiny Houses merchandise right now by visiting this link. And while you’re there check out the blog as well. It has some very cool social media statistics on tiny house resources, sites, and big voices in the community. Oh, and remember. We aren’t just talking about the brand, we are wearing the brand!