SummersA number of couples fall into the visual lure of tiny houses. Whether or not they see whimsy or practicality, financial freedom or a great place to start, remains to be seen. But shortly after falling in love they become dead.serious. Their eyes seem to glaze over. Their brow seems to wrinkle a bit. And suddenly every pallet they see, at first glance looks like interior walls or shelving or some other DIY project. They have the fever! One such couple is Robert and Kelly Summers of Tiny House Life.

By day the couple own an automotive mechanic shop with Robert working on the cars and Kelly running the office and the books. A highly suitable vocation for both considering the project they now find themselves in requires a person to be both at time. The catch? Neither have much building experience that doesn’t involve pistons, throttles, and/or gear boxes! That didn’t stop them from buying a set of Fencl plans and embarking on a journey that would either draw them closer together or cause them to lose their sanity, one ball bearing at a time!


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