I am so excited to announce that my good friend Alek Lisefski is launching the building plans for his incredibly stylish tiny house. You may remember Alek from his appearance on the r(E)vo Convo in August 2013. Even then (before the house was close to being finished) I was impressed with his design, his execution, and his attention to detail. I was recently able to sit down with him again and talk about that attention to detail.

Tiny r(E)volution: Your house is so unique? Why sell plans for it and not just make it a one-off production?

Alek: I never planned to create and sell the plans to begin with, but I got so many requests for them that I felt I had to. It’s hard not to be persuaded when people say your house is the best they’ve ever seen and they want to build one themselves! I got tired of saying “no, sorry, I don’t have plans that I can sell,” and I decided I wanted to say yes!

TR: What do you think a reasonable build budget for this house is?

Alek: I think with the right materials choices, it could be done for somewhere around $20k. Obviously if people have the time and know-how to find salvaged materials, it could be even cheaper. Macy did such an amazing job keeping her house costs very low. I did not do this myself and spent more for materials that would bring more beauty and sustainability to the house. But there are so many ways one can save money, it really depends on how you go about it.

TR: What is the overall weight for the house?

Alek: I actually don’t know! I was in a rush to get out of Iowa to my final destination that I didn’t have time to weigh it. Probably a silly mistake on my part, but it made it safely, and I know for sure it is under the 10k limit of the trailer.

TR: Is there a trailer and/or trailer company you would suggest someone wanting to the Tiny Project house should consider?

Alek: Mac-Lander (Mid-States Manufacturing) in Milton, IA made my trailer for me, and they were a joy to work with. They were flexible and able to accommodate me in all the crazy modifications I asked for.

TR: What makes this house so different from all the other plans out there?

Alek: First of, the design is simply unique. I have seen a few others with a low-sloped, shed style roof, but none quite like mine. It has a ton of windows for lots of light and an open feel. The exterior is unique in the use of two different cladding materials — including the use of a metal roof panels on the walls. The house was designed to comfortably house 2 people, so storage solutions and loft design is particular are unlike any others I have seen. For me, the main difference is that it doesn’t (or I didn’t) assume anything based off of what others have done. I questioned everyone else’s design choices, did maybe too much research, and came to my own new conclusions about how best to maximize space, and how to create a truly peaceful and luxurious feel to a tiny house that could quite easily feel cheap and uncomfortable.

THPTHP blue(seen above: page layout from the actual building plans)