NOTE: This is a guest post from Hari Berzins. Tiny r(E)volution fully supports the mission of the Tiny House Family and proudly endorses their upcoming eCourse.


The other morning, I was enjoying the last minutes of warmth in our cozy tiny house loft bed and thinking about my task ahead—putting the finishing touches on our eCourse, The Plan: Creating Your Pathway to Mortgage-freedom. I thought about how important it is to have a supportive community when making a huge lifestyle change.

I climbed down the ladder and put water on for coffee, did my morning ritual of writing 3 pages then I opened my email to find a new student and a message:

“Hi, Hari! I’m so excited to take your class. I just sold my house and used the money to buy land. I’m considering building a tiny house and living there with my kids. I wonder if we will talk about disapproving friends and family in the class?”

I take these coincidences as a sign that I am on track.

It is difficult to make a big lifestyle change without the support of your friends and family, but sometimes the support won’t come until later, after you’ve shown them that you can do it, and that you are going to be fine. You are going to be better than fine, you are going to be awesomely mortgage-free.

In our eCourse you will find a supportive community of folks making similar lifestyle changes. When we come together in support of one another, we fuel the fire to make big changes and realize “tiny” dreams.

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Our course will not only provide you with this supportive community through our secret Facebook group, but we will outline all of the steps we took to reach mortgage-freedom, including dreaming, saving, goal-setting, downsizing, land-hunting, designing, permitting and building. This guide to the process is the real-deal, tested and proven to work by not only us but several folks who have followed our plan including Edgar Etheridge:

“Our tiny home is built. We are going to sign papers today for the lot, and it has our 900 sq. ft. home to renovate on it. We are going to live in the tiny house while we renovate the 900 sq. ft. home. Thank you guys for the push we needed to see it this far. Really, to see you do it has made all the difference. YOUR plan does WORK! I encourage everyone interested in gaining financial independence to follow Tiny House Family’s example.”

We forged this path without a map, and made some mistakes along the way. We’ll share everything we learned the hard way in hopes that we make your way a little easier.

This e-course is 5 weeks long and begins on March 15, 2014. If you want to join us, see all the details here: You can register now on this page!