Brock_croquet-284x300Brock Dittus, host of The Sprocket Podcast since 2010, has been a Pacific Northwest resident for his entire life, with the last decade spent in Portland, Oregon. He enjoys bicycling, camping, and exploring in the outdoors, and when it’s raining he prefers coffee, books, and talk radio (who doesn’t, right?). He’s had a passion for long-distance bicycle touring since his first tour with his wife in 2008, and he is always interested in innovative solutions to car-free living while at home in the city. After listening to the podcast episode you can email him at thesprocketpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com or visit The Sprocket Podcast website.

In November 2011 Brock visited with Tammy Strobel and Logan Smith in their tiny house and talked about a number of topics including downsizing, the tiny house lifestyle, and more. (episode 52). After hearing that show and following the podcast through 2012 it only seemed logical to have Brock on the r(E)vo Convo to talk about similar topics and also to thank him for the audio mentorship he has offered Laura LaVoie and I. 

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