1656355_564607032976_1678174486_nIn life we tend to push too hard. It is part of our genetic make-up….well, for many of us. We try to squeeze every drop of lemonade from our lemons and turn every invitation into a full-on party. Essentially we lack patience. And I am not talking about the patience that allows us to set down our to-do list and smell the roses. I am talking about that patience that we read about in the Bible. The kind Ecclesiastes talks about. “Better is the end of a thing than its beginning, and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.” See, I have been drowning in the proud part of my spirit.

I am Andrew Odom. I am 1/2 of Tiny r(E)volution. I am a tiny house maverick with almost five years on the scene. I have been covered by national publications. I have written books, taught classes, and spoken at workshops. I am a source of inspiration to others and a source of foundation to many. I am the founder of the r(E)vo Convo; the world’s only tiny house podcast. I am proud in spirit.

And it is with this pride that I have lately succumbed to and thereby fallen prey to my very worst enemy; myself.

For almost a month now I have pushed my own limits. I have published a book, contributed to a magazine, given 4 interviews, written another eCourse, blogged, guest blogged, booked guests for the podcast, etc. And for a month now I have given in to nights of just 3-4 hours of sleep, days of severe multi-tasking, and situations that escalated to being out of control. Remember I have done all of this while still maintaining my wonderful corporate day job and while making maximum time for my wife and daughter. I refuse to give them up or make them a sacrifice at the tiny altar. But I give up. As of today I give up. Here me out.

This morning I was supposed to post the 51st episode of the r(E)vo Convo. Our guest was to be Macy Miller – current media darling and tiny house advocate du jour. It was going to be a wonderful time because Laura and I were launching the 2nd season of the podcast, we were introducing our new equipment (courtesy of our loyal listeners), and continuing the proverbial runaway train that the r(E)volution can sometimes feel like. But that simply wasn’t in the patient in spirit cards. It was seated firmly in the proud in spirit cards. And because of such I am not posting the podcast episode this morning. Simply put, there isn’t even an episode to publish. I couldn’t get GarageBand Β to work. The Apple that I have come to love and cherish had failed me…and more than once! Each of the 4 times we tried to record the interview with Ms. Miller there was some sort of failure. Our attempt yesterday looked like a success finally until upon exporting the file the 2nd audio channel (which is the channel Laura and Macy were on) lost its volume. It was visibly evident but without the actual recorded sound. It was 43 minutes of literal radio silence. I was “this close” to slinging my computer across the yard. I even came to tears (without Laura or Macy on the line, of course….that just isn’t manly!) I kept thinking about the listeners who had donated to help us get the new equipment to continue on with our podcast. I thought about the frustration Laura must have felt towards me. I was in knots. But as I spoke with Laura this morning we realized that we did have a problem and it had nothing to do with technology or audio or anything. It had to do with expectations, pride, and a severe lack of focus; mostly on my part. I have been trying so hard to make the podcast more serious, more informative, and more advanced than I actually can. In fact, I was trying to make it something that I now don’t even think our listeners care about. I had left out the fun that folks had enjoyed with Laura and I each of those 50- season 1 episodes.

That ends today though. This blog post is for me really. It is for me to say, “Drew? Where did you go man? You are being so phony.” From this day forward (as long as I can see) I am going to remember that one of the biggest things that drew me to tiny house living was that it would allow me to be more free, more adventurous, and less stressed. It was never about a business or exposure or a brand. That was all a happy coincidence. And so with that I apologize for not having a podcast for you to listen to today. But I give you instead a guy who loves life, lives life, invests in the lives of others, and only talks when there is something to say – not because he loves his own voice!