It seems that tiny houses are all the rage on the television as of late. There are at least 4 shows casting and pitching that I know of. And while we intend to discuss this in detail with Macy Miller on the next episode of the r(E)vo Convo we tend to think it is kind of cool. While there is always that fear of the tiny house community being portrayed as fearful, doomsday, under-the-radar, Honey Boo-Boo redneck, anarchists, we have to hope that we will be portrayed as the dynamic community of bright minds and challenging thinkers that we are. And with that I present another opportunity for a tiny houser to have their 15-minutes of fame while simultaneously conveying the complexity and the simplicity (hows that for oxymoron) of the tiny house community on network television.

[NOTE: the following is copied from a press release forwarded me by a television producer in NYC]

An award-winning TV production company is casting for the HOST of a new home-building series for an exciting new television network!  We want to meet fresh, untapped talent– someone who has never hosted a major network or cable series before.  This person can be male or female and should appear to be 25-45 years old. Obviously, great energy, enthusiasm and comfort on-camera are a must!  We’re especially interested in hearing from contractors, architects, engineers or anyone who speaks that language and can communicate with the build crew in a manner that the audience can understand.  Interested parties should contact BY FEBRUARY 5th, 2014.  Please include name, contact info, location, qualifications and links to any pertinent websites, blogs or videos.  We look forward to hearing from you!