If you’re thinking about moving into a tiny house, small camper, or other little space you will want to take a look at the new ‘Tiny Transition Downsizing‘ e-course offered by Mariah Coz of The Comet Camper.

You probably remember Mariah from her March 2013 appearance on the r(E)vo Convo podcast.

The e-course is based on her personal experience downsizing, and is a series of challenges and methods that she has used herself. The cool thing about taking the e-course is that you will be in a supportive environment of people who understand what you’re trying to do by downsizing, and are there to help and motivate you. Says Mariah, “I know from experience, sometimes people in our lives don’t “get” what we’re trying to do by simplifying our lives, and it can be discouraging. It’s awesome to be around other people who are experiencing the things you are.”

The course is designed for all tiny house and small house enthusiasts who may need something as little as help figuring out where to start all the way to those who are willing to build, build, build. The helpful, fun, and challenging step-by-step tasks illustrated in the course will get you on the path to smart-sizing, simplified freedom in no time. You want to own the stuff you have, not the other way around!

The course doesn’t just focus on material items. Mariah is prepared to help each enrollee approach minimizing emotional baggage with techniques she has used herself to gain freedom. Topics covered will also include simplifying and downsizing expenses and bills, transitioning to a simpler life, and general decluttering.

Part of Mariah’s inspiration for designing the course goes back to her own process of transitioning from a large, 4-bedroom, 1200 sq.ft. house with all the trimmings to a 100 sq.ft. vintage camper. Once a week, on a specified day, you will be emailed a course session to complete at your convenience before the next week. You will have access to the other people doing the class with you in the form of a private Facebook group. This course is designed to jump-start the downsizing process with specific instructions and provide motivation in a helpful, supportive space.

Whether you are transitioning into a tiny house or just looking to smart-size your life, this e-course will help you clear your space, your head, and hopefully even put a few more dollars in your bank account.

“We each have a story to tell, about how we got here, where we come from and where (and who) we want to be. I look forward to hearing your stories. I can honestly say that downsizing my stuff and clearing my space, both mental and physical, is the best thing that has come of this whole “tiny house” obsession. It is the first step to creating real change in our lives, and making room for more important things,” adds Mariah.

The e-course is 8 weeks long and begins on February 2nd, 2014. Visit this page to register today!