You may remember the r(E)vo Convo episode with the fine folks from Boneyard Studios. We had the conversation on January 17, 2013 and it was a pleasure as we discussed the premise behind Boneyard, the legalities of a tiny house community, and the individual goals of those involved. Just over a year ago we admittedly became fans of the Washington DC based community and so now are excited to announce their spring workshop March 29-30 at Howard University in Washington DC.


Boneyard Studios believes tiny house workshops should be like tiny houses: small, intimate, and designed to your individual needs.

At this workshop no participant will be sitting in a conference room with 80 – 100 people.  The Boneyard workshops have no more than 30 participants, are led by two professionals  in the building and design industries who have experience building and designing several tiny houses and are co-founders of the country’s first tiny house community.  Each registered participant will receive a survey to fill out before the workshop so the workshop can be tailored to the groups specific interests.  You will walk away with materials to help you plan your build – materials planning worksheets, a critical path project plan for a tiny house, base drawing plans, and other planning materials. These are all shared with you in hard copy and digitally after the workshop.


  • Technical details on building systems appropriate to tiny houses
  • Trailer selection: pros/cons of various existing designs and our recommendations for trailers, modifications, and how to gain the most space in your house​
  • Tiny house tours at Boneyard Studios and learn about the different construction styles, building systems, and interior designs
  • Tiny house base plans and design help.  You will get preparatory materials related to design and design tools.  The workshop breaks out into groups – one to work in Sketchup and one to work by hand.  An architect and two architecture students will help you with your designs. You have the opportunity to schedule one-on-one help with a designer during one afternoon.
  • A detailed material list and project planning timeline for your tiny house project
  • Learn what you can do yourself versus what you might want to contract out
  • Building and zoning codes and how to go about finding land for your house
  • List of resources (focused on the Mid Atlantic/NE region)
  • Pre-workshop materials to get you up to speed on construction and tiny house concepts, so you can get your technical questions answered during the workshop


Cost: $300 for one person (2 people for $500!)

Includes 2 days of workshop, field trip to Boneyard Studios tiny house community, coffee and breakfast snacks, pre-workshop study materials, building materials list, and a customizable project plan for your build.

If you are interested in the workshop you can register by visiting this secure page. If you have questions you can contact Boneyard Studio.