Decorating for a traditional Christmas season in a tiny house can be a difficult undertaking. With space at a premium a real tree can be cumbersome and in some cases, dangerous. Here are a few non-traditional ways to deck the halls without having to move your living area outside!

1. Wall Decals.

ChristmasTree3The simplest answer to the Christmas tree dilemma is perhaps the least expensive and – some might argue – the least creative. All you need is a little bit of blank wall to put up a vinyl tree decal. In the last few years the sticker decals have become increasingly popular as they are suitable for smooth surfaces, appliances, windows, and more. They can be used in a tight entryway or even behind a current piece of furniture. If you think they lack depth just remember. If you’ve been a good boy or girl it will soon be enhanced by presents! You can find a number of tree decals on

2. Milagro Tree. 

ChristmasTree2Perhaps you don’t celebrate Christmas with a tree adorned with Christian symbols or even Hallmark memories. That shouldn’t stop you from decorating your Ho-Ho-Home! A number of people collect small metal charms traditional in Hispanic cultures known as milagros or “miracles.” This season why not get festive with a milagro tree handcrafted in rustic iron and topped with a star? Available exclusively at sundance.



3. Wooden Trees.

ChristmasTree1There is probably nothing as acquiescent to tiny homes as a wooden tree. A natural alternative to live and artificial Christmas trees as well as compact, light-weight, portable, easy-to-assemble, easy to store, and super fun, PossibiliTrees are a great answer to space saving yuletide display. These wooden trees come in 2ft., 3ft. (both perfect for desk or tabletop), and 6ft. suspended. PossibiliTrees also come in your choice of walnut, cherry, or maple, and are held in place by a metal rod. Each kit comes with a storage tube and cotton bundle cloth as well.

4. 2-D Lit Tree.

ChristmasTree5Provided you have enough electrical outlets and/or battery load current this tree can easily be your solution to absolutely no floor space but an abundance of wall space and string lights. While it is unlikely you can hang any ornaments from the strings and accepting the notion that you will have to either use visible tape to hold up the strings or a Swingline stapler, this Christmas idea can certainly said that magical mood. If you are feeling truly adventurous and non-traditional try using LED lights, running lights, or colored running lights!


5. Pallet Tree.

ChristmasTree4This tree idea could possibly be my absolute favorite this Christmas season. Made of scrap wood or pallet wood it is both simple to build and a snap to decorate. With little concern for matching grain patterns, colors, or even nail holes, what could possibly say “tiny houser” more than this beauty? For extra jolliness decorate it with Christmas cards you’ve received, thrift store ornaments, homemade treats, or construction paper cutouts. Whatever you fancy it will certainly have your Pinterest friends adding you to their board long before Christmas Eve!


The preceding post was originally as an article for Issue 12 of Tiny House Magazine (on newsstands now!) To download it and the entire magazine visit the Newsstand and purchase your copy!