Issue 11 ad

I take a fair amount of magazines. (Take is a Southern word. I think most folks say subscribe or “get”) During a regular month I receive Reminisce, Good Old Days, National Geographic, Parenting, The Economist, and National Rifleman. Yes, I have diverse tastes. Not the point though. The point is that in a past life those magazines would be read, moved from one room to the other, or laid to rest in some stack that either became clutter or ended up in the trash pile.

In late 2009 when we started evaluating a tiny house we realized quickly that our ways would have to change. I needed to either stop buying so many periodicals and books or I needed to convert to digital. Since then I have used a PDF reader, a Kindle Fire, and now my iPad.

It was a no-brainer then when my friend Kent Griswold introduced to me a magazine exclusive to the tiny house lifestyle. I have been reading since the premier issue and now am a contributor and reader. All of this to say

I think YOU should be a subscriber too!

And what better time than the on the release of Issue 11; the Design For Living issue. As of today Issue 11 of Tiny House Magazine is available in both PDF format and iOS (read: Apple Newsstand) format.

Issue 11 features some great material including:

  • a pictorial of the Zen Forest House
  • a feature article about Nina Nelson and her Home Skoolie school bus conversion
  • a T@B makeover
  • the introduction of Tiny House Giant Journey
  • and more!

You can find out how to subscribe, download (as well as purchase the download) Issue 11 and archive issues, read, etc. by CLICKING HERE or by clicking on the image ad to the right of this post.