I remember running away from home when I was three in the middle of dinner, in the middle of winter in Montana. Dad was teasing me and I gave him a warning but he didn’t believe me. Down the stairs and out the front door I flew. I could hear my mom chewing his ear off as I slammed the door. A crisp breeze of freedom brushed my back and I was off like a tiny sail on the vast snowy ocean. Well, really it was just Galaxy Drive in Butte, Montana but I was running free (I am a fan of movement). The chase was on for a block before my Mom caught me.

I imagine this was the beginning of my low tolerance for adult BS and my first little nip of freedom. My life has really been an experiment of living as free as possible. I own my own practice, make my schedule, and drive an old (paid for) car.   It seems that when I buy what society, or the social norm is selling I end up a train wreck.

Those are the opening words to Stacey Whitcomb’s blog. She isn’t one to mince words and she is – by all accounts – a woman of integrity and a woman of her word.

In the past decade she bought a house (following after the American Dream, no doubt) and signed her name to a mortgage. She quickly found out that a mortgage is little more than a buzz kill on personal freedom. Combined with the recession, being an entrepreneur, and largely depending on the disposable income of others, she quickly became house poor. Fiver years of being house poor wreaked havoc on her physically and emotionally she now admits.

Not any more though. After winning her own personal version of the lottery she embarked on an adventure to build a tiny house on wheels that she calls Smidgeon. And she has openly shared each step of the way with us through both a very popular YouTube channel, a blog, and a Facebook page.

Today Laura and I get to talk to her about her experience, her ties to the Idaho tiny house ladies, and what the future holds for this adventure seeker!

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