It has been a tremendous four weeks since we launched our eBook How To Decorate the Tiny House. With several copies sold and appearances on Tiny House Blog, Tiny House Listings, and Sustainable Baby Steps, we feel as if we really have a winner here.

In case you haven’t heard about it How To Decorate is an electronic, 48-page guide written to help tiny home and small space dwellers turn their house into a home using space-saving tips, color tricks, and a host of other decorating ideas. In it you’ll read stories and gain insight from guest decorators. You’ll see page after page of photos that allow you to see the concepts come to life. And you’ll encounter even the author’s own tiny house decor.

We have also received several nice comments about the book including:

“This book couldn’t have come along at a better time. As we’re finishing our school bus conversion, one of the things I dreaded was decorating. It’s just not my thing. But I still wanted a fun, inviting space that showed off our love of classic and crafty things. This book gave me some awesome tips, some of which I’ve already implemented to make our tiny house much more inviting, fun and … us.”

~ Nina Nelson of Shalom Mama

“Such a informative little e-book! I found answers to questions I didn’t even know I had yet. And I really like your relaxed communication style of writing. I feel as though we are having a one-on-one conversation.”

– Beverlie B., reader

The insights on color and furniture choices helped me understand the personal touches I wanted to have in my home. It is probably the first Tiny House Book to focus on the heart of the home rather than the bones.

~ Laura LaVoie of Life in 120 Square Feet

So to celebrate those warm words, already satisfied readers, and a month of decorating small spaces, we are pleased to offer a special, 3-day sale. Until Friday, Nov. 8th at 12pm EST the book is on sale for just $2. In order to receive your discount you will need to enter coupon code MONTH1WIN upon checkout. Only at that point will you see the reduction in cost.

You need to hurry though. Only 100 copies have been set aside at this special price!