The beauty of the Internet for almost any community is the ability to connect long distance. This holds true with the tiny house community in that more and more self-paced and location-independent opportunities are stepping in to the spotlight. Such is the case with our popular e-Course SMALL HOME. BIG LIFE. and our e-Book How To Decorate the Tiny House.

That is why I am so excited to announce that Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life has announced his offering of TINY WORKSHOPS for just $5 a session. Take a look below:

micro-workshops-logoWant to know more about tiny houses? Can’t get enough of tiny houses?

Thinking about building a tiny house? Into your build and have some questions?

Our online tiny workshops are a quick way for you to learn everything you need to know about tiny houses, how to build, what the life is like, and much more! Each session is 30 minutes long on a specific topic and you can get all your questions answered.

  • Intro To Tiny Houses – Nov 16th 10am
  • How To Design Your House – Nov 23rd 10am
  • Choosing A Trailer – Nov 30th 10 am
  • Water, Power, Toilets, HVAC – Dec 7th 10 am

You must sign up ahead of time to attend! Link will redirect you to original post on the The Tiny Life website.



Refunds, cancelations, and other details

Because each session is so affordably priced there are no refunds or cancellations regardless of circumstance.  If you sign up for an online workshop understand that this is the nature of this event.  Once you have registered AND pay we will add you to our email list.  A few days before the actual online workshop you will receive an email with details.  The workshops will be done online with a platform called Any Meeting.  You will receive a link to the workshop before the event.