When talking about seasonal decorating I think the assumption is that once you have moved in to your tiny house space you are stuck with what you have. The couch or bench can never move. The lights are fixed. The storage will always look the same. The art on the walls will go unchanged. To think of living this sort of static existence though is depressing and not at all consistent with the dynamic and evolving mindset of the tiny house community. And that is why we’re going to spend some time talking about a few ways to bring the rich, warm colors of autumn in to your tiny house with very simple DIY ideas!

leaves-main-lInstant leaf prints. Nothing says autumn quite like the crisp reds, warm oranges, and saturated greens of fall foliage. So why not bring some of that flare inside? Just gather a few favorite leaves or flowers from your last hike, flatten them under a book for up to 24 hours, and then copy them with a color photocopier. Then glue the prints to either luan boards or canvas-covered boards (about $2 at your local art supply), add a small hanger either by glue or even double-sided tape, and hang. (Photo by Rob D. Brodman)

leaf-lantern-lNature Stained Glass. Chinese pistache leaves are translucent enough to glow like stained glass when lit from behind. The same can be said for ginkgo and Japanese maple leaves. To celebrate their vivid fall beauty indoors, display them on simple glass hurricane candle holders. Just choose a few leaves, flatten them under a book for up to 24 hours (be careful not to let them crinkle), and then use one or two glue dots on the back of each stem to affix them to the outside surface of a glass candle holder. (Photo by Rob D. Brodman)

pumpkin-arrangements-seasonal-style-pots-1113-lPumpkin Pots. Round pumpkins or squash with flat bottoms, such as kabocha or Italian stripe, make great containers for plants. To create, cut off the top third and hollow out the bottom two-thirds, leaving about an inch of flesh all the way around. Add a small amount of potting soil, then arrange succulents inside. Fill in any gaps with more potting soil. Use a small paring knife to cut a thin layer off the rim for a clean look. When the pumpkin or squash is past its prime, repot the succulents. They look perfect as center pieces, arrangements on  your window sill, or even above the commode in the bathroom.

Pinecone-garland99Pinecone Garland. This particular DIY will transition you from fall to early winter by bringing a touch of the outdoors in. And the nice thing about garland is that in a tiny house it can bring some life and style to those upper areas that often go unused and untouched. To make a 6 foot garland, you’ll need about 75 pinecones, wire and a length of jute twine. (NOTE: When using pinecones from outdoors you will need to bake them at 200 degrees on a foil-lined baking sheet for about 45 minutes to kill bugs and even a few parasites.) Cut 4″ long lengths of wire and wire each pinecone at the top by simply wrapping the wire around the cone once, so that the wire goes under the ridges. Take a piece of thicker twine and knot a loop at the top. Then attach your pinecones, tightly twisting the wire as you would a twist tie. Travel down the twine, catching the previous cone’s wire with your next twist. Then just continue to follow that procedure while you string your garland. (Photo by Amy Merrick)

GourdInspirational Gourds. Spice up your mixture of pumpkins and gourds by making a statement on them. All you need are a few small pumpkins and/or gourds, a silver paint pen or a chalkboard marker. (Photo by Have & Hold Design)


Do you have a flair for the decadent? Does your style read more modern bohemia than Appalachian cabin? Maybe you prefer color over monochromatic. Did this post appeal to your artistic sense? Then perhaps you dream more of decorating your tiny house than even building it. If so, you should read How To Decorate the Tiny House by Andrew Odom.

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