Book SampleDuring the course of our nearly 3-year tiny house build we spent a lot of time thinking about the inside. Where would we sit? Where would the bed go? How would the kitchen work best and in what layout? But what we didn’t think about was what colors our walls would be. We never asked ourselves if the house would be too bright with our large skylight. Besides the electrical outlet placement in specific spots for things like our small computer/TV monitor, the pump for our SleepNumber bed, and the hidden plug for our iPad and iPhone charging needs, we didn’t once think about whether or not we would hang pictures anywhere or what kind of window coverings might work best for both energy efficiency and style. And I think this is fairly common in the tiny house community. Due to necessity of design so much time is spent thinking about the design and build that little energy is given to how the house will transform into a home.

We are as guilty of this as anyone. In fact, this past weekend was spent doing a few modifications and renovations on our tiny house even though we have only lived in it full time for 9 months. The day-to-day life in a small space though provides ample example for what works and what doesn’t. It also let’s you understand the mood a certain color of furniture piece puts you in. I think though that it is even amplified because of the small measurements.

The author Jane Austen once said, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” But how comfortable are we making our tiny houses? And therein lies the reason we have recently published our first Tiny r(E)volution e-Book entitled How To Decorate the Tiny House.

A 48-page digital download How To… is a guide for helping tiny house dwellers and small home aficionados figure out what will turn their four walls into a nest of comfort, style, and emotional well being. Complete with space-saving tips, color tricks, psychological and physiological effects of decor, and some of the best top tiny tips, How To… is more a passion project than a task of authorship.

We even invited a few of our friends including Deek Diedricksen and Malissa Tack to speak up as decorators in their own right!

The motivation behind our writing the book truly came from a 2-hour online workshop we taught on the same subject a few months back as well as the encouragement of folks like Logan Smith, Tammy Strobel, Kristie Wolfe, and Macy Miller. I have had conversations with all of them regarding the need for reliable tiny house guides and books that go beyond just blueprints. So as it were, during the preparation for the workshop it became obvious that the landscape for tiny houses really did sort of end with initial design, wood product, and space saving ideas. There was little to be found on color choices, furniture selection and placement, and even style development. Curating dozens of photos of small houses, model homes, and tiny spaces, we were able to put together a sourcebook that we think is worth far more than its $4.95 price tag. It is that guide that helps us all find our comfort in our home and the tranquility in our decor decisions.

In the future we hope to offer more How-To guides and e-Books that will go beyond just the building of a tiny house. As we have discovered there is so much more than just drying it in and throwing food into the pantry.

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