RyanMitchAs the tiny house community continues to grow and the presence of tiny houses and small houses moves from dotting the landscape to defining the landscape the conversation about legalities, codes, standards, and regulations gets louder.

Ryan Mitchell, author of Cracking The Code – A Guide to building codes and zoning for tiny houseshas become a bit of a centerpiece for the conversation. His knowledge, experience, and authority is well respected and while he admits “no one book can possibly cover the multitude of zoning ordinances in the United States let alone Canada” he does a tremendous job of trying to stay on top of the International Building Code and its filtration into local municipalities. As the founder and editor of The Tiny Life Mitchell has written for several years on issues and topics surrounding tiny houses and is preparing to live in his own self-built tiny house trailer.

You can purchase a copy of his book Cracking the Code… by clicking the ad on the right sidebar or by visiting here.

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