HowToDecorate_300x250Since early summer Tiny r(E)volution has been expanding its offerings to the public.

We began humbly enough wanting only to provide a resource site for families like our own that wanted to find out more about the tiny house community and how to possibly live in their own. Over the past four years that desire has grown into much more and not only are we living in our own 240 sq.ft. tiny house but we are doing everything we can to really debunk myths surrounding tiny houses and especially families living in tiny houses. And so it is my great privilege to offer our first e-Book, How to Decorate the Tiny House.

The book is a 48-page guide to decorating and using space in the tiny house featuring guest sections from a few well know tiny house folk as well as beautiful cover art by artist Alice Johnston and rich interior photography. It follows on the heals of our very popular e-Cours(E) SMALL HOME. BIG LIFE. and is just a preview of what we hope to continue to offer over the next year.

If you are interested in purchasing your own downloadable copy of How To Decorate the Tiny House for just $4.95 I encourage you to click this link and follow the directions. I think you’ll enjoy the content and find quite a bit of inspiration and information.