TravelingTinyI met Robin Hayes several months ago in Wilmington, NC at the RelaxShacks tiny house workshop. I honestly don’t remember much other than her enthusiasm and wise contributions to the conversation. Before the workshop concluded she mentioned being inspired to host a tiny house workshop in her home state/town or Berryville, VA. It seems that has come to fruition!

From October 11 to October 13 in Berryville, Robin and her organization, Build Tiny, will be hosting a very hands-on workshop with some exceptional leaders and guests.

Nestled in the Shenandoah Valley the weekend will see the construction of two tiny houses. A lofty pursuit? Yes. But when folks like Dee Williams, Tony Gilchrest, and Larry Herbst are involved, it seems completely possible.

During the 3 days participants will be able to choose between at least 3 workstations.

  • Station 1 will be taught by Dee Williams of PAD Tiny Houses. Dee’s station will be starting with a new trailer, building the sub-flooring and attaching it to the trailer. Wall framing will follow.
  • Station 2 will be taught by Tony Gilchriest, builder at Boneyard Studios. Tony’s station will be framing the subfloor for a tiny house that will sit on a foundation. Wall framing and window placement will follow.
  • Station 3 will be taught by Larry Herbst, master woodworker with over 30 years experience. You may choose to help Larry build the cabinetry for Lee Pera’s tiny house.

Participants may move freely between each of the workstations, choosing what they want to learn. They may also schedule private sessions with Lee Pera, co-founder of Boneyard Studios to discuss planning or zoning questions, or Steve Newbold to work with SketchUp.

Build Tiny is also offering on optional day on Thursday for true beginners. This class will be about tool usage and safety, as well as instruction on basic construction techniques and terminology.

During lunch breaks and evening hours the workshop will host speakers addressing various tiny house topics. Steve Newbold will also have his tiny house on site and it will be open for tours. There will be a bonfire each evening for relaxing and story telling.

For more info and to sign up please visit

Meals and on-site camping are included.