156bc5fIn 1974 Gary Bute  built a wood framed small cabin on the back of his Chevy pick-up. And in that truck began what would be an on-again, off-again relationship with tiny homes.

As the years progressed and the real estate market became more and more ostentatious Gary moved toward the trend of bigger and nicer homes. In 1983 he designed and constructed his first 1,650 sq. ft. custom home. In 1999, he built another custom home (2,000 sq. ft. this time) on a golf course near the Vail Colorado ski area. The monthly payment for the home was over $3,000 plus utilities. From there he downsized to a 580 sq. ft. condo in a core area of Vail. In 2008 he sold the home and downsized to his 285 sq. ft. motor home where he lived and rediscovered tiny homes over the course of four years.

Having spent one of those years living off-grid he honed his skills in solar technology and began designing and installing RV solar systems.

Now, using his decades of home building and RV experience, it is his desire to to help other people in their designing and construction of their own TH systems. What is unique about Gary and Tiny House Systems is that he designs and instructs people in real-time using on-line meetings. As a consultant he can provide DIYers with the finest illumination and electrification designs including customized installation drawings, instructions, and a detailed list of materials needed with web links for review.

On this episode of the r(E)vo Convo we talk with Gary about his company, his experience, and what the ultimate tech tiny would look and feel like!

You can contact Gary by email or by visiting his site.

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