Mag AdI remember so vividly when my friend Kent Griswold told me nearly a year ago that he was going to expand the Tiny House Blog empire and hopefully fill a cavernous niche by introducing a magazine exclusive to the tiny house lifestyle. My first thought was what better fellow to do it? Kent has been a staple of the community for years now and his love and representation of the tiny lifestyle is second-to-none. So it is hard to believe that we are already on issue 9.

That’s right. As of today Issue 9 of Tiny House Magazine is available in both PDF format and iOS (read: Newsstand) format.

I actually enjoy both formats though because through the magic of the ‘Send to Kindle‘ App I can read the PDF on my Kindle Fire.

And if you purchase now (before Sept. 15…just three days away) you can receive 20% off the newsstand price. You just need to remember to use coupon code THM920 at checkout!

Perhaps the best deal though is that right now you can purchase a subscription for just $21. Did you read what I just wrote? $21 for 9 issues of Tiny House Magazine. That is only $2.33 per issue. Unbelievable.

You can find out how to subscribe, download (as well as purchase the download), read, etc. by CLICKING HERE or by clicking on the image ad to the right of this post.