FreeHouseMany times we get so focused on one idea that we can’t see a bigger picture.

Tiny houses have already been used for barracks, art studios, baby gift boutique, produce stand, and classroom. But what about a music rehearsal hall and studio?

Just recently we received an email from a professional musician asking about how a tiny house could be used for a practice space/recording studio/small home. The emailer had lived in a single wide modular unit several years before where he was able to play as loudly as he wanted. But to be a working musician you have to have access to more urban or metropolitan settings where live music venues are. So how does this work? How can a tiny house be retrofitted for a musician, a piano (or to be specific, a Hammond Organ with bench), a few gig partners, and computer recording gear? There also has to be room to live; sleeping, eating, washing.

Our reader suggested using a Linden as the foundation for the build. The bathroom would run the back wall and butt up to the kitchen. A small bump out could be added to the tongue of the trailer (we call them “garages”) to house a small, stackable washer/dryer. The bathroom would double as a dressing room. And the list goes on.

What would you do though? How would you retrofit a tiny house for something other than a simple living space?