ClimateRightSince we first began looking at tiny houses and then ultimately built our own one of the most frequent conversations was hot to heat and cool our house. We haven’t been the only ones. In fact, Tumbleweed Tiny House Company talked about it, Smalltopia explored the options, and even Boneyard Studios addressed the situation.

Because tiny houses try to stay…well, tiny…as well as mobile a number of more traditional cooling options just aren’t applicable. Because of such we didn’t even consider a standard HVAC system with ductwork. It just seemed so clunky and like overkill. We then looked at a ductless blower system but couldn’t bring ourselves into cutting a hole into our already precious wall space. And because we chose slider windows for our house an affordable and effective window unit was out of the question as well.

Through our research though we came across a 2010 blog post by Tiny House Blog wherein Kent Griswold spoke about a relatively new company; ClimateRight. Because the post was an archive one and it was already 2012 we were also able to read a 2011 post by THB. In it Kent talks about the CR-7000, which is ultimately the unit we settled on. Of course just plugging the unit in was not enough for us, or our design standards.

The CR-7000 is a portable heating and cooling unit that we set up outside our tiny house, added 4” insulated ductwork to, and ran into a split duct system in the floor of our tiny house. With just a 7000BTU system we were able to create our own tiny house version of more traditional, ducted, heating/cooling systems. The wonderful part however is that the unit and the ductwork kept our tiny house 100% mobile.

So what is ClimateRight doing now?

As with many companies, ClimateRight is winding down and blowing out (see what I did there?) its summer 8000 BTU Air Conditioning Unit called the CR-8000-AC. Right now the AC unit is on sale for just $499. That is an $80 savings!

This model is perfect for cooling rooms and enclosed outdoor spaces without the need to window mount. It also keeps the unit out of the way of everyday life and even comes with a remote control!

Oh, did I mention that right now you can purchase this unit for just $499? Did I mention shipping is FREE on the CR-8000-AC? (ships in 2-3 business days). Did I talk about the 8000-AC coming with a standard hook-up kit so you can begin cooling your tiny house, camper, cabin, shed, or outdoor room in just 10 minutes?

And if all that wasn’t enough, ClimateRight will be returning to the market during the 1st quarter of 2014 with an expanded line of cooling and heating products including the 2500, 5000, 8000, and 12,000 BTU units! To find out more, visit

To view a video on installing the ClimateRight CR-7000 by Tiny r(E)volution visit this page. To see how a ClimateRight unit can be used in a camper watch this video.