THC imageThe value of conferences is the information and insights one gains by hearing other people’s perspectives on a host of topics. Of course with the omniscience of social media we have seemingly become a world of conference ho’s. We shuttle to and fro listening to this speaker, Q&A’ing with that one. We buy the books and use the hashtags appropriately. But seldom to we implement our findings and really create a temporary environment with one vision. That shall change though or rather that shall be avoided – I must believe – with the announcement of the first tiny house conference.

Hosted in Charlotte, NC by Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life, The Tiny House Conference is set to bring together speakers, exhibitors, companies, builders, dwellers, and curios alike in April of 2014.

As of now there is scheduled to be four tiny houses actually on site with another two or three possible. In fact, my own dear friend La Petite will be hauling her house to the event.

Nine folks will be speaking on topics ranging from downsizing to the growing tiny house real estate market to what life is actually like in the tiny house. People are expected from all over the US and the Twitterverse has already started talking about it.

If you’re interested here are some of the particulars:


McDowell Nature Preserve – an 1108 acre nature preserve in Charlotte.  There are 60 camp sites, 190 parking spaces, and a large outdoor covered pavilion with bathrooms. According to the web listing they even have a Rent-A Tent camping where tents, cots, and other gear are provided and set-up prior to your arrival. It’s come as you are camping!


April 5th & 6th 2014



Check it out here: