The other day Laura LaVoie and I were getting ready to record the latest episode of the r(E)vo Convo podcast. While we were talking I mentioned to her that I was sort of burned out on tiny house blogs. I mean, how many ways can you ask the question “how to heat and cool a tiny house?” How many times can you talk about sheeps wool insulation or pine T&G? She agreed though not as vehemently as I would have hoped for. I have to admit that I felt a little expose for a moment or two as if I had said something really inappropriate of *gasp* blasphemous (in the tiny house sense of the word).

But then I read this post of hers and I realized that she was a bit burned out too!

In the post she says, “Suddenly the idea of living in our 120 square foot house was no longer a novelty to share but rather just a fact of life. Living in this house is just like living in any other house. What more could I possibly say? I was suffering from some pretty intense blogger burnout. My story just wasn’t interesting to me any more.” 

Just yesterday she had put on Facebook a status update linking to a blog post by Jason Spencer (a very popular TRIBE builder). In that post he says:

When you accept the lie that your voice is a broken record, guess what happens?
You shut up.
You stop speaking.
You repress your core message.
You keep your gifts, your strength, your spark inside.
You spit in the face of the needs in the world.
You rot in bitter selfishness.
You die.
Kind of harsh, right?
But, it’s the honest truth.
If you truly believe in purpose, that you were meant to serve a need in the world, who exactly are you to buy into a lie like this and shut down?

Man did I feel low. “I STOP speaking?” Did he really just say that? He goes on. “You keep your gifts, your strength, your spark inside.” How dare I? For years we have claimed Tiny r(E)volution to be just those two things: a revolution AND an evolution. And here I was allowing it to go silent as if the revolution was over and there was nothing left to evolve. Nothing could be further from the truth. We exist on this site to show other families how to gain control of finances, abandon convention, analyze need -vs- want, raise beautiful children, enjoy marriage, build a tiny house, etc. It is more than just a URL. It is our 2nd home. And hear I was letting it die and just chalking it up as boredom.

Not a day goes by that I don’t receive an email from someone saying they have bitten by the tiny house bug and then asking questions. Sometimes a litany of questions even. They want to know how we found our trailer. They ask about the color we painted our exterior. They are curious about our kitchen and its size. Everyday we are introduced to a new person or a new family just looking for someone for guidance and experience and personal anecdotes and….well, a friend in this not-so-normal-yet community we have created. How dare I at this time just let go of that? We worked so hard to build trust and faith and relationship. Why quit now? Why get bored now? Things are really just getting started.
So like my dear friend Laura did, I stand here. Refreshed.
My name is Drew and I live in a 240 square foot house with my wife and two-year old daughter. We built our home with the love, support, sweat equity, and approval of our families and friends. We built our house so we could live a life of revolution and evolution.