AlekAlek Lisefski of the Tiny Project is a relative newcomer to the tiny house community. A web designer by trade, but with a passion for the visual arts, the great outdoors, architecture, and all things natural and beautiful he tends to find inspiration all around, though currently he only claims to stare at houses and get ideas.

The main aspect of the Tiny Project is to build a tiny house. Alek hopes that by inhabiting such a small space he will be forced to live in a simpler, more organized and efficient life. Without room to hoard things and hide away from the world, he’ll be forced to spend more time outdoors, in nature and engaging with his community.

In addition to serving his own needs, the Tiny Project house will benefit the Fairfield community in which he lives through:

  • Educational opportunities & Internships through Maharishi University of Management
  • Paid work for students and anyone interested in sustainability or hands-on building and problem solving.
  • Community demos to bring awareness to tiny houses as cost-effective, low-impact, alternative ways of living.

And so this is where we pick up!