Laura MorelandLaura Moreland is one of the most influential voices in the tiny house community. You may be asking yourself “Who is Laura Moreland?” Laura is one of those people that lets her work speak for her and as a contributing writer for Tiny House Listings, a professional artist, a professional writer, and a tiny house builder/dweller, is constantly working!

Her home is better known as Tiny House Ontario (9′ x 12′)  and is situated in Eastern Ontario, Canada. There she lives with her husband and four dogs and has some wonderful off-grid adventures.

We are excited to talk with her today and find out what true off-grid living means and how she and the house are holding up month after month.

WARNING: This recording has an echo when I speak. It isn’t a huge one but it is noticeable at times. Alas, I have FINALLY figured out what is causing it. Because we use the iPhone to loop the interview guest and co-host Laura LaVoie in to the recording, the phone is picking up my voice as well as my microphone thereby causing a small echo. This will be the LAST week that happens. Eureka, indeed!